How can I help Net Neutrality in India?

Learn more about the subject

Find out more about Net Neutrality, in general & in the Indian context for yourself and for you to be able to help others you know understand the subject better.

Contact your MPs

The elected Members of Parliament from our constituencies are supposed to be our representatives. We can reach out to them to be our torchbearers, show leadership in and take a strong stand on the issue of Net Neutrality.

Here's a sheet with contact details of MPs, to make it easy for you to appeal to them via email and/or snail mail.

Contact your MP »

Ask People to Support

Send out a tweet to popular people, asking them to support Net Neutrality.

A better version for this is coming soon. In the meanwhile, use these sheets to tweet to them asking them for their support.


Use these resources to spread the word! We've already segregated them in folders for you.

Are you a Startup? Know a Startup?

If you or someone you know runs an internet company or startup, please fill this form. We will be in touch regarding a planned open letter and protest.

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